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Elina Engineering Ltd  Established in 1987, Elina Engineering is a leading Hi-Tech Technical Distribution company, specializing in Sales, Marketing and Technical Support of Hi-Tech products with strong design-in / demand creation activity.







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New SATCOM Products From MITEQ
Space Saving 1/3 Rack Amplifier Systems


MITEQ offers amplifier systems in the third rack configuration. These unique, full function, space saving amplifiers offer the same performance and options as our full rack units but require 1/3 the rack space of a traditional unit. Space savings 1/3 rack units are only available from MITEQ. These systems are designed to compensate for long cable run loss and can be configured to provide system redundancy in a 1RU package. They are available in all the SATCOM bands.





u-blox launches ultimate indoor/outdoor positioning module NEO-M8L with integrated 3D sensors


First all-in-one GNSS module brings road vehicle systems to the next level of performance


The NEO-M8L Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR) module with integrated motion, direction and elevation sensors. The module integrates gyro and accelerometer with u-blox' leading GNSS platform u-blox M8 to achieve the highest- performance indoor/outdoor positioning solution available, perfect for all road vehicle and high-accuracy navigation applications.




Shielded Power Inductors Offered in High Inductance
and High Isat Versions


 Coilcraft's XAL15XX Family of magnetically shielded power inductors delivers outstanding performance in the smallest possible package.






Silicon Labs Launches Industry’s Smallest PCI Express Clock IC for Consumer Electronics

 The Si50122 is the first clock generator to incorporate Silicon Labs’ patented CMEMS technology. The internal CMEMS resonator provides a stable frequency reference to the device’s CMOS clock circuitry, eliminating the need for a bulky, discrete quartz crystal.







 For the first time under the Knowles name the established brands of DLI, Novacap, Syfer Technology and Voltronics Corp. bring many new products to Electronica 2014.